Something old into something new ~ Heirloom Redesign

     Was a piece of jewelry passed down to you from your mother or grandmother or another family member?  Does seeing it in your jewelry box bring fond memories?  Maybe those memories are of your mom putting on her special necklace or a reminder of your grandmother who always wore her favorite pearls.  Why aren’t you or another family member wearing it?  Is it because the piece has been worn down, is broken or is it just not the style for today’s fashion?

     I love redesigning jewelry so that you can have your own special piece… but, one with family history.  I find that every piece of jewelry has a story and also creates a story.  We can restore, repair or redesign your jewelry!  

     One of my clients sent me her mother’s diamond cocktail watch.  My client never wore it but loved the memory of it being her mother’s.  I designed a white gold, bangle bracelet using the diamond band of the watch.  She loves it!  The bangle is oval in shape and custom-sized to her wrist.  

Watch Bangle.jpg

Bringing new life to something old, bringing beautiful memories to your mind again… that’s what we can do!

Let's work together to get your valued jewelry out of your jewelry box and onto you! 

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