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Photo by: Mary Rose Photography

Photo by: Mary Rose Photography

I came to Ann with only a basic idea of the ring I imagined and a budget I could afford. From there Ann helped me develop my idea and personalize the ring into something beautiful and entirely unique. It's evident that Ann has an extreme level of professionalism and genuine care towards both her craft and her clients. Ann treated Meghan and I more like longtime friends than someone we had just met. For me, Ann was equally a teacher and an artist when it came to jewelry. Her ability to see the end product before its creation and to then share that vision is a real gift. Working with Ann made the creation process fun and totally stress free, because I had complete trust that she could and would do whatever she could to make this ring special.
I would recommend Ann to anyone, not just because of the beautiful, unique jewelry she creates; but also because of the genuine care she showed towards helping make my day as special as possible. To me, that care was more valuable than the ring itself.

Matt, Chicago, IL




Thank you so much for everything. It was a pleasure working with you to design my ring. You captured everything I was looking for from the pictures that I sent and it turned out beautifully. I get many compliments on this ring. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a custom design.             -

Sheila, Clearwater, FL


Working with Ann was an amazing experience.  She took a lot of the initial confusion and fear out of the whole process for me.  It was so nice to talk to someone that did not want you to just buy what they had right there in the store.  She was able to talk to me about what I felt was important in a ring and break that down into characteristics that I could understand.  I knew that I wanted a diamond to “sparkle” but after talking with Ann and learning about the diamonds I knew how not only the 4 C’s but the table size, depth and symmetry affected the “sparkle”.  Being able to talk directly to the person that was making my ring and also seeing the 3D renderings was such a fun process.  Ann actually told me to take pictures of the process and give it to my now fiancé with the ring.  She can now see me examining the diamonds, inspecting the unfinished rings, and looking over the 3D renderings.  Documenting the process and giving her that book would not have been possible without Ann and Javier (the amazingly talented jewelry maker).  I can’t imagine just going to a store and “settling” for a ring that I thought would work out after going through the process of making a custom ring.  I was also hesitant about the cost but after researching for a while and comparing like diamonds and rings I found that the custom ring was no more expensive or often cheaper than a jewelry store.  I would recommend Ann to anyone who is looking for an engagement ring.

Justin, San Diego CA

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I had a cocktail ring that had family history and great sentiment for me… but, was out-of-style. Ann re-imagined my ring into a modern, low-profile, wearable ring and even included other stones that were a gift from my daughter. Ann was able to capture how special my ring had been to me. She then designed the new ring with interesting character and glamour… a stunning piece! In the new setting, my diamonds seem to sparkle more than they ever did; she seems to have a secret of how to maximize the beauty of diamonds! Let Ann help you restyle your family heirlooms that are sitting in your jewelry box.

Lizzie, Grayslake, IL


Many thanks to Ann for her expertise in the design and finishing of my beautiful tanzanite ring.  Ann offered many ideas and guidance as to how best to mount the stone in a unique setting.  The ring reminds me of our wonderful trip to Africa and the experience my husband and I had purchasing the stone there.  We enjoyed working with Ann and appreciated her enthusiasm for the project.  

Barbara, Mattoon, IL  

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When I contacted you, I said I had four important women in my life and I wanted you to create Christmas presents for them. I didn’t really know you… I only knew your Mom and your website.  When we first talked, you asked me lots of really great questions about me and my favorite ladies. That was special and unexpected. You described some ideas, sent me some drawings, we talked some more and decided on four crescent moons to be carved out of one full moon made of white gold… brilliant. That would be your brilliance as a listener and designer. Now, as the giver, I get to bask in their enjoyment of the jewelry gifts. Each of them wears her necklace with the crescent moon pendant (and a gemstone on each that I got to choose) almost every time I see them… my wife of 54 years wears hers almost every day. I think of you each time I see one of them. Thank you so much for your caring questions, design and your skills to bring the gifts “to life.”

Chip, Sanibel, FL

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